What Is The Process Of Being Skype Brand Ambassador?

Want to know about the process of being Skype brand  ambassador and represent Skype with your talent by showing  your passion all around the world then apply now for being Skype brand ambassador which is always free.

For applying to become Skype brand ambassador follow this few steps :

  • Open internet browser of your device.
  • Then click in this link .

Now you are in the official page of Skype in which you can Share your Skype moments, apply for being Skype brand  ambassador or Sign up for Skype newsletter. Hear you are trying to apply for being Skype brand  ambassador thus click in the Apply tab below the Become a Skype Ambassador appearing in your screen just like in picture below.

Apply to become a Skype Brand Ambassador

Apply to become a Skype Brand Ambassador

Now you are in the final stage for submitting application to become  Skype Brand Ambassador.

Tips about Filling application Form of being Skype Brand Ambassador.

  • Choose your desired passion area,  i.e. if your passion is Travelling then click on the Travel tab similarly you can choose any of your passion. If your passion is different or other than in the submission form then choose the other tab. Look picture below for your convenience.

Application Form for Being Skype Brand Ambassadornow again below the  Can you explain a bit more about your passion?* box explain in brief about your desired passion.

  • Similarly fill in the box with its requirements just like in picture below.

Skype brand  ambassador form personal details

  • Now choose your desired files you want to Share. You can also Share from Youtube, Blogger, Vimeo etc. But remember that it only supports .png, .jpeg, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .m4v, .wmv, .mpg, .avi. So be sure that you files are in this format or not.

Skype brand  ambassador form choose your file.


Finally Click in the I’m ready tab for final submission. Now you have successfully submitted your form for requesting to become Skype Brand Ambassador. But be sure that you have submitted your form properly and if your proposal and files are being selected you will be qualify as Skype Brand Ambassador and you can share your passion all over the planet earth with in internet access.

What is Skype Moments ?

Skype moments is one of the prominent aspects of Skype social service website. Before knowing a bit information on Skype Moment, lets know first on how to find a weblink to get the formal homepage of Skype Moment.

Here is very easy steps to reach Skype moment :
- Open a new tab on your system or computer browser.
- type the correct url http://skypemoments.com/ on address bar or so called url bar.

Now you are landing on Skype-Moment. Remember, skypemoments.com is not a subdomain of official skype.com website. So the site has its own individual existence, however Skype Moment is the part of official skype.com.

The main features of the Skype Moments :

- Story Bank : Story bank deals with the stories made on Skype by storymakers. The moments on the stories are all about happening in Skype. You may create photos or videos in skype and keep record on skype story bank for memories.

- Get Involved : Getting involved in Skype means to share favorite skype moment in your life, users can become Skype ambassador and show their passion all over the world and they can also sign up or registering  for newsletters.

- City Sights : If you are proud of your city, then don’t forget to capture it in your mobile phone and upload and share the magnificent view of your town using Skype City Sight.

- Challenges
- Meet Our Moments Makers : By clicking on Moments makers link we can read story created by Skype brand ambassadors. The brand ambassador can create generates awesome photos, videos.

Share every moments live and exclusive of FIFA World Cup 2014 via Skype.

If you are abort from your hometown or country and willing to share each & every moments live and exclusive of FIFA world cup 2014 then just log in or sign in your Skype account downloading free Skype application in your electronic devices that supports free Skype application.

Now you are just few steps away from Sharing your FIFA world cup 2014 every incident live with your natives and fellows where ever you are in this Planet earth. You can Share your moments live and exclusive with your friends with the help of Skype Group video call facility which is free of cost. Dont Know how to make Skype Group video call then learn more.

Now it fells like you are watching FIFA World Cup 2014 live in the ground of  Brasil with your friends or Relatives by Sharing your feelings with your beloved ones. You can also enjoy FIFA World cup 2014 with the help of Skype application for Xbox. With Xbox One latest features  everyone viewing the game can be depicted on the screen as well as with the help of XBox wide lens each and every of you can be able to join group. 

Woman sentenced life in prison for murder of visitor and showing his body in Skype.

Canada, Quebec City – Woman named Sonia Couture sentenced life in prison by the court for murdering a visitor named Gary Wilkins in Quebec City on May 2.

Sonia Couture

Gary Wilkins


According to the Sun News online media Sonia Couture who lives at the same building where Gary Wilkins lives beat him with the frying pan and make him unconscious after making unconscious  Sonia Couture stabbed the victim 17 times with two different knives at the apartment. After committing murder Sonia Couture conduct Skype video call with his Skype friend and talked about the incident also she shared the second degree murder photo with him.

Judge Serge Francoeur sent her life in prison for the murder committed by her and also said that  Sonia Couture won’t be eligible for parole for 12 years.

Microsoft demonstrated real time language translator for Skype.

Microsoft CEO Mr Satya Nadella announced about launching  real time language translator features for Skype users which is  jointly developed by Microsoft researchers and Skype engineers in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Satya Nadella


At the period of announcement  Microsoft employee Diana Heinrichs who was speaking German language make conversation  with Skype chief Gurdeep Singh Pall who was speaking english language with the help of Skype real time language translation. 

Gurdeep Singh Pall


Diana Heinrichs

Microsoft also announced that this real time Skype language translator will be available in 40 language converter for Windows 8 beta application nearly at the end of this year.

This will be a milestone in the history of online communication, which will make easier to communicate between two different language with the help of Skype near real time language translation. This will end the boundary of language for any purpose like Studying, business propose etc.